Lenovo’s Security Philosophy

Lenovo believes that a 360° approach to security is essential. Focusing on just a few of the security elements will leave you exposed. If even one angle is not covered, there will be a security breach.

The consequences of a data breach can include data theft, regulatory fines, and loss of customer confidence. With the more stringent GDPR regulations in the European Union coming in May 2018 and other regulatory compliance requirements across the globe in effect, the repercussions of any data breach will be severe.

Organizations have a deep-seated need to protect their data, their resources, their assets, and their ongoing operations.

  • Best-in-class hardware security
  • Securely developed software
  • Complete component verification
  • Secure supply chain
  • New standards in adoption and extension of security technology

Making the Security Philosophy a Reality: Lenovo's 360 Approach

User Access Control
Port and Physical Protection
Data Protection

Rest assured that whenever you choose Lenovo as your solution provider
you incorporate the 360° security approach into your organization.

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User Access Control

Ensure PC access for authorized personnel only with these features:

Multi Factor Authentication
Smart Card Access
Near Field Communication
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Port and Physical Protection

Prevent data theft from USBs or other access ports, prevent component theft, and block user eyeing with:

Smart USB Protection
Chassis Lock
Camera Shutter
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Data Protection

Prevent data theft and loss with the following:

Full Drive Encryption
Online Data Backup
Hard Drive Retention
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Lenovo's End-to-end Portfolio

As the world’s #1 commercial PC company, we have unrivaled capability to deliver a total technology ecosystem, equal to the challenges of fast-evolving commercial environments. For businesses that crave innovation but need reliability and security, and demand performance but require value, we utilize the efficiencies of our global scale and reach to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions that scale and flex to deliver value and security throughout their life cycle.

Lenovo End-computing Solutions
Mobile Device Management
Lenovo Services
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5 Reasons Why Lenovo is a Difference Maker

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